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Hand & Foot Salt Block Detox

Hand & Foot Salt Block Detox

The Hand and Foot Detox is a unique and multi-faceted treatment. Individuals will be seated comfortably in a chair while their hands and feet are placed on heated, smooth, and gently glowing pink salt blocks. The heat from the salt allows the body to detoxify by opening up the pores. Similar to bathing in the Ocean; salt pulls water and toxins from the body. It softly exfoliates the skin, feels great on the hands and feet. This stimulates the entire central nervous system and supports repair.

  • The pink salt permeates through the dermal barriers to reach the cells, where they nourish the supporting muscles and skin cells
  • Aids in edema and toxin flush
  • Reduces symptoms of arthritis (swelling, soreness & stiffness etc.)
  • Decreases carpel tunnel pain and discomfort
  • Exfoliates and decelerates callous build-up
  • Reduces muscle inflammation from stress, injury, or poor hydration
  • Eliminates athletes foot (anti-bacterial, anti-microbial & anti-fungal)
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Stimulates the nerve endings
  • Increases overall blood circulation