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Our Story

Our Story


I was born in Poland and I came to Canada at age five. I played competitive hockey for most of my young life. I was always a good student until high school when I started to make bad decisions. In September of 2006 at the age of 22 I decided to move to Alberta to change my life. I was not in a good place in terms of the decisions I was making, and my lifestyle was quite toxic. One day I asked Asia to move away with me to help me build a life I could be proud of.

No one wanted to rent to us as we did not have any credit or any employment. We stayed in a motel for over a month before someone decided to give us a chance as renters. Our first Christmas we ate on a box that Asia brought home from her shipping and receiving job. We did not have much, but we had each other.

While in Alberta I obtained two Journeyman Red Seal trade one as a Plumber and one as Steamfitter Pipefitter. I also became a certified Safety Officer. I worked on myself daily, and I learned to meditate. I attended a Deepak Chopra event and a spark was lit within. We lived in Alberta for 6 years, with only each other to relay on and once Asia was pregnant with our son, we moved back to London to be with our families.

I was working out west in the Alberta Oil Sands as a Steamfitter/Pipefitter. I was travelling back and forth from Ontario to Alberta, often being gone for long periods at a time. One day I realized that even though I was making a good income, I was not happy or fulfilled. My career was keeping me from my family, I was spending most of my life alone and away from my newborn son and my wife. At the time through mediation and reading spiritual books, I was getting in touch with my spiritual self. Tapping into my spiritual side made me realize that I wanted to dedicate my life to helping others. I did not know how I was going to fulfill my calling.

While I was away from home for about two months straight, I was missing my family and I came across a Joe Rogan video. In the video Joe Rogan discussed the benefits of sensory deprivation float tanks. Joe talked about how floating changed his life and how it helped him with mediation and with tapping into a higher consciousness. After watching that video, I decided to start studying floatation therapy and the benefits. I realized that floating was good for many things such as stress, anxiety, and depression. I realized that, this was my answer, and how I would be able to dedicate my life to helping others.


I was also a child of immigration. My family left Poland which at the time was under communism when I was five years old. We moved to Germany for two years and I arrived in Canada at age eight. School was incredibly challenging for me as I had to learn German and once, I did, we left and moved to Canada and I had to learn English. I missed a lot of the foundational things in school because I did not know the languages. I continued to struggle in school, and I dropped out of high school at age 16. It was then that I went to an adult education centre where I excelled for the first time academically. I always knew I wanted to do something special to make my parents proud. I wanted to repay them for the sacrifice they made so that myself and my brother could have better lives.

When Luke asked me to move away with him, I agreed because I knew there was so much more he could be, and I took that chance. In Edmonton I started working in group homes with at risk children and youth. I would take children on home visits to the reservations and I would write reports on the interactions between parent and child. I finished College and I began to work at a Federal Prison. I worked with women as a Behavioural Counsellour teaching programs and doing groups as well as one on one counselling sessions. I enrolled in University and I was offered an amazing position with the Provincial government at a treatment facility with youth who suffered from addictions and who were in care and involved in sex trafficking. I decided to leave the prison system and take this amazing opportunity to work with youth. I also at this time was offered a position to work on a suicide prevention hotline and as a Crisis Counsellour with women and children who experience abuse at a domestic violence shelter. I attended full time University and I worked two Crisis jobs.

During our time in Edmonton we got married and I started tapping into my spiritual side. Working for so many years with people who experienced such intense trauma made me interested in researching natural ways for people to heal themselves. I started to learn about crystals, auras, Reiki and sound healing. I completed Reiki training in 2008. I was never allowed to talk about crystals or energy at my places of employment. Not being allowed to speak about the things I believed in was quite frustrating, as I knew I could help people deeper by incorporating counselling and energy work together. I dreamed of having my own space where I could be myself and work with my intuition and gifts that I was born with.

We started trying to have a baby and when we got pregnant with our son we decided to moved back to London. Luke continued to work in Alberta, and he was often gone for months at a time and I was alone most of the time with our son. Once our son was two, I enrolled into Western full time to finish up my degree. It was a challenging time for me to be without Lucas for long periods of time with a young child while attending school. Upon the completion of my degree I went back into the field and I started working again as a Crisis Counsellour at a women’s shelter in St.Thomas.

Our Vison

We would often daydream about owning a space that would help people. We wanted to offer a safe space for people to be able to relax, rejuvenate and detoxify. A space that where people could heal themselves through natural elements. We wanted to support people along their path of their self discovery. It was import for us to support people in finding their inner peace so that they could deeply connect with themselves. We are extremely grateful that Quantum can be a place of serenity. We are thankful to have met so many amazing individuals with whom we have shared laughs, cries, and incredible moments with. Lucas and I feel very honoured to share our space with our community and we are grateful for each and every person who comes to our space.

Making someone’s day a little better puts a smile on our faces. We often see people coming in worn out, tired or stressed out. When they leave our space, they seem lighter and have a different energy about them. It lights up our soul to see people feeling better. Thank you for taking the time or read our story.

If you have a dream big or small do not let anyone stop! You can achieve what your heart desires. You can attain any dream big or small.

Dream big!