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Therapeutic Sound Bed


What is a Therapeutic Sound Treatment Session?

De-stress with a Therapeutic Sound Treatment to open the heart and bring yourself back to balance. When we are out of balance we feel a disharmony.

This disharmony can manifest with unclear thinking or static, stress, physical symptoms or fatigue. This is our body speaking to us, a signal for us to look at something, feel something, notice something.

Therapeutic Sound Healing can restore the body/mind/spirit, back to harmony.

Come for your “tune up.”

What to expect during your 60 Minute Session

You will lay on a heated Infrared Mat made from crystals which will be working on stimulating blood flow and grounding you.

As you lay on our Therapeutic Sound Bed either Binaural Beats, HZ Music, Theta and Gamma Waves will be playing and the frequency of the music will be going straight into your body and cells.

Suspended above your Therapeutic Sound Bed is our Crystal bed are seven hand-carved quartz crystals are suspended from a stand above a massage table. The quartz crystals target each chakra and the coloured lights clean and strengthen your chakras bringing you back into alignment.

Investment $100