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About Asia

Asia is an Entrepreneur, Reiki Master, and Sound Healer who pursues her life mission of healing the whole person. Asia and her husband of ten years Lukas are therapeutic entrepreneurs and opened their wellness center in the fall of 2018. Together, they are proud parents of a seven-year son, for whom they model a cruelty-free world and human-centric family business.

For over a decade, Asia a former Behavior and Crisis Counsellor, had experienced firsthand the deep pain of others. She begun working with children and youth in the group home system while still in College. Upon graduation, Asia taught behavioral change to women incarcerated in a Federal Prison as a Behavioral Counsellor. Doing one-on-one as well as group counseling sessions. 

As well, Asia has worked closely with vulnerable youth at a Provincial Treatment Facility in Alberta. The youth who lived at the facility where often survivors of sex trafficking, serving community sentences or  just been released from various mental health facilities. 

Upon graduation from University Asia became a Crisis Counsellor at a woman shelter, and worked on the shelters suicide prevention hotline. At the shelter Asia provided one-on-one and group therapy sessions to domestic violence survivors. Her courage and compassion were dwarfed more than once by the trauma inflicted repeatedly by inequitable systems. Her commitment to making a difference was kindled.

Asia does private sound and energy sessions as well she curates and convenes community events, and has spoken globally on the power of human-centric entrepreneurship to heal our aching world.

Entrepreneur, Reiki Master & Sound Healer
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